The University of Iowa

FAQ from 2014 Chemical Survey


1.  How do I update my chemical inventory?

2.  I have a large number of chemicals to add/delete.  What is the most effective way to update my inventory? 

You may send an Excel file of your inventory to EHSA administrative personnel for uploading into EHSA. Excel files can be uploaded to completely replace or add onto the inventory already in EHSA

If you already have an inventory in EHSA, it is recommended that you download your current inventory via the report feature. Make all changes to the downloaded Excel report and send a copy of that report to EHSA administrative personnel to have it uploaded. This will preserve as much information as possible without requiring you to re-type the information.

If you are new to EHSA, contact EHSA administrative personnel to obtain the proper Excel template.

3. The chemical inventory database (EHSA) seems to be sluggish or responding slowly. What can I do to improve it?

Several factors could be causing EHSA to become sluggish or slow. EHSA is most compatible with the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. EHSA will work using Internet Explorer or Safari; just make sure you are using the latest version of each.

There have been issues running EHSA on older computers, specifically systems more than 4 years old.  Problems with EHSA are also more frequent in older buildings, due to the infrastructure of the wiring.  If you think this may be a problem, first contact EHS so we can rule out other problems. If the problem persists, you should then contact your IT representative. 

Note:  EHSA is not a website, but is hosted on UI servers. This means that it may not respond as quickly as other sites on the internet. However, while it may load slower than other sites, it should not be significantly slower.

4. How do I determine the amount of gas in a cylinder or the size of the cylinder?

Contact Rick Byrum 335-9379, for general questions regarding sizes and volumes of gas cylinders and how to enter these chemicals into your chemical inventory.

If you have ordered a gas cylinder from Praxair, contact them directly for cylinder size and gas amounts. They are the best resource for information related to the specific gas and cylinder size you purchased.

Praxair Contacts: Pam Hendershot, 800-283-8348, ext 224 or Tara Uhnak, 610-758-7206

60-Day Notice

1. I’ve received the 60-Day Update Reminder and don’t know how to update my chemical inventory to comply with the letter?

To comply with the DHS regulations concerning COIs (Chemicals of Interest), we ask that you update amounts of these chemicals every 60 days. For EHS to verify that this has been accomplished, we require that the Chemical Review Statement be updated.  Instructions on how to update the statement can be found in the Chemical Inventory User Guide

2. Who do I notify if I wish to purchase or dispose of a COI?

Purchasing or concerns of COI's contact Rick Byrum, 335-9379


1. What are the steps in testing a fume hood?

  1. Each year EHS conducts a performance test for every fume hood on campus. This means that EHS personnel test the face velocity of every hood to determine if it falls within the permissible levels. 
  2. Depending on test results the hood will receive one of three ratings: pass, fail or restricted. In each case the results are recorded and tracked in an EHS database.
  • i. If the hood passes, no further work needs to be done; the hood is good to use.
  • ii. If the hood fails; a notice is posted on the hood and the hood cannot be used until repaired. EHS will notify FM that the hood requires repairs.
  • iii. If the hood is restricted, a notice is posted on the hood detailing that the hood may still be used in a limited manner. EHS will notify FM that the hood requires repairs.
  1. EHS sends the list of hoods needing repair to FMs Work Control Center on a weekly basis with a list of hoods the have failed or been restricted. Failed hoods are given priority over restricted hoods.
  2. Once a hood has been repaired, FM contacts EHS, at which point a retest of the hood will be conducted.

2. My fume hood failed inspection/needs repairs/Who do I contact to fix my hood?

  • Facilities Management Work Control Center performs routine maintenance 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
  • Ph. 335-5071
  • E-mail address:
  • Address: 260 University Services Building, Iowa City, IA 52242-1922

3. Who do I contact to determine the status or time needed, to repair a hood?

  • Facilities Management Work Control Center 335-5071

4. My fume hood has been repaired. Who do I contact to have it tested?