The University of Iowa

Emergency Response - Right To Know (ER-RTK)

The work on the Emergency Response – Right to Know (ER-RTK) report has begun.  The report's purpose is to aid first responders, i.e. Iowa City Fire Department (ICFD) and UI Public Safety (DPS), when responding to calls involving UI buildings or properties, as it provides building floor plans and other pertinent information. The report is updated annually, typically beginning in April; however due to the large number of changes, we started updating this year’s report in February.  Every UI owned or leased building (including residences) will be visited in the upcoming months to check the accuracy of the report's floor plans.  Typically residences are only inspected from the outside of the building, so entering is unnecessary.  This year, the buildings located on Grand Avenue Court, Melrose Avenue, and the adjacent streets will be visited first.