The University of Iowa

EHS Service Charges for Businesses & Entities Outside of the UI

Following the new University budget model, EHS, with the support of administrative leadership, will begin charging for services rendered to businesses, including UI startups, beginning January 2021.  The move is necessary to allow EHS to become more self-sustaining and continue offering the same quality and level of service people expect from the office. We will adopt the model used by other departments to charge the calculated base rate for services multiplied by the federal F&A Rate, which is currently 54.5%.

 2021 business charges are outlined below:

  • Instrument calibration = $90 
  • Fit test per person = $55
  • Industrial Hygiene investigations to include indoor air quality, air sampling or noise sampling = $75/hour + supplies/shipping
  • Chemical unknown testing = $22.50
  • Waste collection agreements will be developed with each individual business, upon request.