The University of Iowa

Calling all Health and Safety Coordinators

For a number of years, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) staff worked with a group of individuals known as Health & Safety Coordinators (HSC).  Although this group became less active, we would like to reactivate this approach to laboratory safety and seek assistance in identifying someone to serve in this capacity in each department.  Our intent for communication and coordination with HSCs remains the same; the HSC would:

  • Serve as a point of contact for general questions regarding the department;
  • Assist in resolving audit deficiencies within the HSC’s departmental research laboratories. These deficiencies are identified through an annual lab audit conducted by EHS staff;
  • If desired, attend annual intradepartmental laboratory audits and/or be copied on reports containing results from the audits; and
  • If desired, serve on the building emergency team (BET) and/or receive information regarding this team.

This role would help ensure HSCs are aware of upcoming regulatory and policy changes that could affect their departments’ Principal Investigators and research staff.  In addition to keeping individuals informed through the EHS Listserv, we will arrange a brief annual meeting to discuss our programs and to answer questions.

Prior HSCs have been contacted to inquire about their availability to continue to serve in this role.  If you are interested and have not been contacted, please discuss your interest with your departmental administrator and email Haley Sinn ( if you will serve in this role.