The University of Iowa

All researchers Using Scintillation Counting Fluid



Date:    January 23, 2012

To:       All Research using Scintillation Counting Fluid

From:   EHS Radiation Safety Officer

Due to the high cost of disposal of liquid scintillation vials containing non-biodegradable scintillation counting fluid (i.e., scintillation fluid with a flash point < 140° F), the University’s Radiation Safety Executive Committee has mandated that only biodegradable liquid scintillation counting fluid with a flash point >140° F can be used unless special approval is obtained from the Executive Committee.
Therefore, BioChem will no longer stock scintillation fluid with a flash point < 140° F.  This means that scintillation fluids based on toluene or xylene will no longer be available except by special order.  Special orders require Radiation Safety Executive Committee approval. Researchers must submit compelling justification for why a non-biodegradable scintillation fluid is required for their usage, and after receiving written approval, a special order can be placed through BioChem or Chemistry Stores.
Principal investigators who are authorized to use radioactive materials or are applying for such use may petition the Executive Committee for a scintillation fluid exception.  Petitions must be submitted in writing and clearly state why the use of a scintillation counting fluid with a flash point < 140° F is required for their scintillation counting needs. 
Please direct any questions regarding this policy or written requests for special orders of non-biodegradable scintillation fluids to Gordon Axt, Interim RSO - 335-8503