VIII. Laser Disposal Guidelines

Disposal of laser systems or components should adhere to the following guidelines. The steps are listed in order of preference:

  1. Trade the obsolete laser to the new laser supplier/manufacturer.
  2. Obsolete laser disposal should minimize potential hazards to humans and the environment while eliminating UIHC liability.
  3. Reuse the obsolete laser for other purposes within the UIHC/UI (i.e. UI Engineering, UI Med Labs.)
  4. Render the obsolete laser unserviceable.
  • Use the obsolete laser components for other lasers
  • Use an outside firm to dismantle and dispose of the obsolete laser (i.e. ATEC in Des Moines charges by the pound)
  1. Dispose the obsolete laser via medical equipment broker
  • Use legal (hold harmless) form
  • Transfer to “missions” or 3rd world country
  1. Reuse/transfer/sell the obsolete laser for non-medical use (i.e. education, research, animals, etc...)
  • Use legal (hold harmless) form
  1. Review laser disposal with the UIHC-LSO and/or Bio-Engineering. Note: Functional lasers are not to be sent to UI Surplus.

Additional things to consider when disposing of a laser include:

  • Disposition of UI property tag
  • The laser contains hazardous materials
  • Disposition of hazardous materials
  • Stored electrical energy discharge
  • The laser to remain in the UI/UIHC safety jurisdiction
  • The laser contains biohazards
  • The laser has been decontaminated
  • The laser purchaser will sign a legal (hold harmless) form
  • The obsolete laser does not contain fire/explosive hazards
  • Provide manuals to laser purchaser (if available)