VII. Procedures for Initial Registration of Experiments Involving rDNA

  1. New projects involving rsNAM:
    When a PI completes a Division of Sponsored Program (DSP) Proposal Routing Form and indicates that the proposed project involves rsNAM, a follow-up notification to the PI will be generated by DSP that serves as a reminder that IBC approval may be required. Links to the electronic rDNARD and the NIH Guidelines are included in the memo. Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)’s Biosafety Office receives a copy of the memo to the PI and will ensure there is follow up.
  2. The PI must complete the electronic rDNARD and submit it to the Biosafety Office if IBC approval is required.
  3. The Biosafety Office will send the completed rDNARD to the IBC members for review (See Section VIII).
  4. An on-site audit will be performed annually in the laboratory of each PI whose proposed rsNAM research must be conducted at Biosafety Level 2 or higher. If the PI has not been audited previously, an initial audit will be conducted at the time the rDNARD is approved.