VI. Laser Safety Standard Operating Procedures

Class 3B lasers and laser systems require a written procedure if:

  • The laser beam produced is a wavelength invisible to the eye; or,
  • The laser produces a continuous wave visible beam of more than 15 mW.

Helium-Neon lasers with 15 mW or less normally do not require a written procedure; however, all other safety requirements for this class of laser apply.

All Class 4 lasers and laser systems require a written SOP.

Laser usage SOPs should include the following information as a minimum:

  • Laser operating procedures
  • Laser safety-check procedures.
  • Laser maintenance procedures
  • Service procedures
  • Alignment procedures
  • A description of the Nominal Hazard Zone for each procedure.
  • The use of protective eyewear and other personal protective equipment as appropriate.
  • The above listed content can often be found in the operation manual supplied with the laser.