USAMRMC Safety Requirements and Grant Management

The U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) requires grant recipients to follow specific safety standards and notification requirements.  This guidance is intended to provide assistance to investigators applying for USAMRMC grants.  The requirements are also applicable when applying for grants through the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP). This guidance will also assist with maintaining ongoing grant compliance requirement.

The USAMRMC grant requirements include a PI Assurance and an environmental compliance assurance from both individual investigators and The University of Iowa that safety programs are in place and hazards have been identified and controlled. 

General information on USAMRMC grants application requirements can be obtained from UI Division of Sponsored Programs, USAMRMC or CDMRP.


The steps below provide instructions to prepare the health and safety, and environmental portion of the application.

Form A -  Research Health and Safety Hazard Assessment (Optional)

This form is intended to guide you through the identification of safety and health hazards that may be associated with your proposed research project.  The form also lists the Health and Safety Programs that address each hazard.  Include a date and initial for each program addressing a hazard associated with your project.  You are required by USAMRMC to communicate the project hazards to UI Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) and, in Form C below, you are required to sign an assurance that you are responsible for all safety and health aspects of your project.  Alternately, you may use Form A as an explanatory guide to complete Form B. Form A is an internal form and is not submitted with the grant application.  

Form B - University of Iowa Principal Investigator Health and Safety Assurance (Required)

This is an internal form submitted only to EHS.  With this Principal Investigator Assurance form, the investigator declares that safety programs are in place to address hazards associated with the research being planned or conducted.  Your research project(s) and Form B will be discussed during EHS annual bio/chemical lab safety audit. If you have questions or need assistance, contact Rick Byrum at EHS (335-9379).

Form C - Principal Investigator Assurance (Required)

(This form will be submitted to Funding Agency upon Grant Approval) 

Principal investigators may be required to submit this form with an online application or you may be contacted by the funding organizations including USAMRMC or CDMRP. A sample form is included with bulleted instructions. Please note that in the first and fourth bulleted paragraphs on Form C, principal investigators are assuring compliance with occupational safety and health aspects to the Research Compliance Director of Environmental Health and Safety at University of Iowa (also known as the Facility Safety Director/Manager on the Form C).

Once the USAMRMC grant is funded, the PI is required to notify EHS of any changes in the research activities that may involve new or different health, safety, or environmental impacts. An EHS representative will contact PIs to schedule and conduct a lab/area site visit, discuss proposed research activities, and to discuss the facility safety plan.

Form D - Environmental Compliance Assessment (Required)

Complete Form D, Environmental Compliance Assessment and be prepared to discuss the questions with the Environmental Compliance Specialist.  Form D is an internal form that will allow proper assessment of the environmental aspects of your project. 

Form E - Environmental Compliance Assurance (ECA) (Required)

Contact the University’s Environmental Compliance Manager Specialist (Ingrid Anderson, 384-0993) to arrange a meeting to discuss the environmental impacts of your research project and obtain a signed copy of “Form D. Environmental Compliance Assurance”.  This document was previously known as “Certificate of Environmental Compliance (CEC)”. You will be requested to submit this form with your application to USAMRMC.  It will be included with your application materials and a sample form is included here for your review.  Once the “Certificate of Environmental Assurance” is signed, return it to the Division of Sponsored Programs.

Form F - Research Safety Status Report (Required)

A status notification is required to be submitted to EHS annually by June 30th of each year.  The status notification assists EHS with preparation of the Facility Safety Status Report to EHS' Research Compliance Director. A reminder will be sent to PIs to complete Form F. Please send the completed Form F to Rick Byrum , 100 EHS  by June 30th of each year. 

Send a copy of the following completed documents to Rick Bryum, 100 EHS:

  • Form B - The University of Iowa Principal Investigator Health and Safety Assurance (required)
  • Form C - Principal Investigator Assurance (required)
  • Form F - Research Safety Status Report (required)