The University of Iowa

Substandard Nitrile Gloves

There have been reports on campus of newly opened boxes of nitrile gloves having visible discoloration, stains, deterioration, or other signs of prior use.  Gloves may also be packaged precariously, full of crumpled gloves or some halfway inside-out, instead of flat layers of neatly packaged gloves.  These are believed to be previously used, substandard gloves packaged into counterfeit nitrile glove boxes and sold on the market as new gloves. One brand that has been implicated as substandard or fake is SkyMed; however, there are reports of other off brands as well. Should you encounter any gloves that have signs of prior use or are of substandard quality, we recommend that you discontinue use and notify the vendor where you purchased the gloves.

The full CNN report can be found here: