Section A Procedures

​Use these procedures when employee exposure assessment shows average airborne lead level will be below the 30 ug/m3 Action Level for the work day:

Exposure Assessment

All affected employees must be notified of air monitoring results within 5 days of receiving them.

Re-monitoring will be necessary if conditions change such that lead exposure levels may increase.

Methods of Compliance

None required

Respiratory Protection

None required.  Recommend voluntary respirator program using half face masks/HEPA filters.

Protective Clothing and Equipment

None required.  Recommend wearing coveralls or disposable tyvek suits.


No special precautions are required. Recommend wet wiping any lead surface after disturbed.

Hygiene Facilities and Practices

No special precautions are required.  Recommend washing hands after lead work completed.

Medical Surveillance

None required.  It respirators used, need respirator physical.

Employee Information and Training

Communicate lead hazard as required per Hazard Communication Standard, including warning signs, labels, MSDS, and information and training. 


None required

Record keeping

Written documentation of exposure assessment must be kept in department records.

Written documentation of any voluntary respirator program must be kept.

Observation of Monitoring

Provide affected employees or their representatives the opportunity to observe lead monitoring. Without interfering with monitoring observers can:

Receive an explanation of measurement procedures;

Observe all steps related to monitoring;

Record or receive a copy of laboratory results.