Radionuclide Safety Guideline for U-NAT

Physical Data: 

  • Alpha, Beta
  • Betas from daughters Th-234 ((0.191 MeV) and Pa-234m (2.29 MeV)


  • 4.5 x 109 years


  • 0.25 inches glass and 0.4 inches plastic

External Hazard

  • There also is gamma radiation associated with Uranium, but if chemical purification has removed the radium, the exposure rate will be quite low.
  • Surface beta dose rate is 111 mrad/hr

Internal Hazards

  • In general, uranyl nitrate or uranyl acetate are considered to be more chemically toxic as a heavy metal (lead or bismuth) than as a radiotoxic element and care should be taken to prevent ingestion by following good hygiene.

Safety Guidelines

  • Generally dosimeters are not required.
  • Wear a lab coat and disposable gloves.
  • Dusty, or vapor or aerosol-producing operations must be contained in fume hoods or glove boxes since deposition in the lungs is more hazardous.

updated 1/2013