Laser Safety Training

All Class 3B or Class 4 laser users are required to take basic laser safety training.

The Environmental Health & Safety offers this training in classroom, self-study or on-line formats.

In addition, all laser operators must be trained on the usage of each specific laser to be used.  The Principal Investigator, vendor, or other qualified individual may provide this training.  Records of this training must be maintained for review by EHS and/or regulatory agencies. 

Before operating a Class 3B, Class 4 laser, or a Class 3B or Class 4 laser embedded in a Class 1 laser system when the protective housing is removed, a person must:

  1. Review the Laser Safety Manual.
  2. Receive from the Principal Investigator a thorough review of the laser equipment to be used and the administrative requirements, alignment procedures and applicable SOPs.
  3. Review the operating and safety instructions furnished by the manufacturer.
  4.  Utilize appropriate personal protective equipment.