G. University-wide Select Agent Survey Protocol

The University of Iowa and its faculty/staff are required to declare and regulate all Select Agents or Toxins possessed by a faculty/staff member. CDC/APHIS has periodically classified new agents as a Select Agent or Toxin since initial implementation of the Select Agent Rules in 2002. At any time a new agent is classified as a Select Agent or Toxin, and thus governed by the Select Agent Rules, EHS is required to conduct a University-wide Select Agent Survey to determine if any faculty/staff member possesses such agent. Failure to register a new agent can carry criminal penalties.

An email will be sent from the RO/ARO to all PIs with laboratories which use biological, chemical, or radioactive materials. PIs will be asked if they have access to any Select Agent or Toxin on the list compiled by CDC/APHIS (includes previous and newly added agents and toxins). A response from each PI is required, identifying which, if any, Select Agent or Toxin they can access. If a PI indicates that they have access to a Select Agent or Toxin not already registered with EHS and CDC/APHIS, the RO/ARO will follow-up with the PI and ensure all applicable registration and documentation is completed.