A. eIBC Registration Document Management System

  • To access eIBC Registration Document Management System, enter or copy/paste the following url in your web browser: http://eibc.research.uiowa.edu 
  • The eIBC team has tested the program function using Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. Additional browsers may or may not have full function.
  • The eIBC team recommends the use of the Mozilla/Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers in order to take advantage of some of the navigation features available.
  • If internet Explorer is used for completion of the form, the size of the boxes cannot be adjusted. For entries that are more than a few sentences long, it is recommended to use a word processor program (such as Word) to write your entry, and then copy and paste the text into the text box. Please note that only text and not formatting (bold/underline/italicized font, page breaks, images, etc.) can be pasted in the text box.