EHS Biosafety Office Responsibilities

The EHS Biosafety Office will:

  1. Initiate electronic notices of approval to PIs for rsNAM projects approved by the IBC.
  2. Maintain a database of approved rsNAM projects to assist in an annual review process.
  3. Advise PIs in matters of biosafety including precautions to take when handling biohazardous materials.
  4. Perform audits and inspections of laboratories in which approved rsNAM projects are being performed.
  5. Conduct annual reviews of approved rsNAM projects (see IX); inform PIs of upcoming expirations of IBC approvals and request resubmission or cancelation.
  6. Develop emergency plans for handling accidental spills and personnel contamination and investigate laboratory accidents involving rsNAM research.
  7. Provide advice on laboratory security.