E. Navigation of the eIBC Registration Document

To start a new rDNA protocol form a blank form, click the “New rDNA Protocol” button at the top of the eIBC homepage.

Note: In order to start a new rDNA protocol for a PI other than yourself (including “copy” or “renew”), that PI will need to grant you permission to do so using the Authorizations Manager (See Personnel Authorizations).

The rDNA protocol is presented in several sections which are navigated using a drop-down menu on the far right of the Toolbar.

Drop down menu for submitting rDNA Protocol
  • Each section can be accessed by clicking on the section title in the drop-down menu from the toolbar, or using the previous/next section buttons at the bottom of each section. (For explanation of the symbols beside each section title, see Submitting your rDNA protocol.
  • The rDNA protocol is saved each time a new section is loaded (using the previous/next section or dropdown menu).
  • The protocol can also be saved during work in progress by clicking the “Save rDNA Form” button at the top or bottom of the page