D. Inside University Select Agent Transfers

Staff to Staff Transfers (Same PI)

  • Only University of Iowa PIs with prior CDC or APHIS approval for the particular Select Agent or non-exempt toxin may receive the agent from another investigator. Transfers between approved laboratory staff under a single PI do not constitute an internal transfer, e.g., sharing a mutant strain of an approved select agent between graduate students under the same PI.

PI to PI Transfers

  • Prior to transferring a Select Agent or Toxin within the University, approval must be obtained from Haley Sinn, RO, 335-9553. The RO will initiate an Internal Transfer form that must be signed by both the PI initiating the transfer and the PI receiving the agent. If the agent must leave the facility, the laboratory initiating the transfer must ensure that the agent is correctly packaged according to IATA/DOT regulations. Persons involved in shipping any type of biological material are responsible for completing EHS’s online training for Shipping Infectious Substances.

  • The Internal Transfer form will be kept on file at EHS for CDC recordkeeping purposes.

Clinical Lab to Clinical Lab Transfers

  • Transfers of clinical specimens that have been identified as a Select Agent must also be accompanied by CDC/APHIS Form 4, “Report of Identification of a Select Agent or Toxin in a Clinical or Diagnostic Laboratory.” The laboratory completing the diagnostic test should complete Form 4 to the best of their ability and contact the RO or laboratory director with any questions.