Controlled Substance FAQ's - Listed Chemicals

What are “listed” chemicals and “precursor” chemicals?

Certain chemicals and solvents can be used to manufacture a controlled substance. There are two DEA regulated lists, List I and List II, which differ by import/export/sales reporting thresholds. The list I typically represents precursor reagents. The list II represents the solvents that are used in the synthesis and purification steps.

Are individuals who use DEA “listed” chemicals or “precursor” chemicals included in the DEA controlled substance registration?

No. The requirements of the controlled substance program apply only to DEA “scheduled” drugs.

How do I order listed/precursor chemicals, such as iodine? 

Contact your purchasing representative for assistance. Store managers in Chemistry and BioChem stores may also be able to help you with this process.  To meet the specific vendor requirements for the purchase of chemicals above the reporting thresholds, you will need to receive a registration form from your vendor, complete the form with appropriate authorization/approval signature from your departmental officer and then mail a hardcopy or email as a pdf attachment to the vendor. Fax copies may not be accepted by your vendor.

How do I store the listed/precursor chemicals? 

Listed/precursor chemicals must be stored according to hazard class, following the EHS hazardous material storage requirements.  These chemicals must not be stored with controlled substances.