Controlled Substance FAQ's - Disposal of Orphaned Controlled Substances

How can I dispose of controlled substances left behind by a previously- licensed researcher or other investigator?

It is the responsibility of DEA- licensed researchers to dispose of all controlled substances before they leave the University. If the original licensed researcher is not available then you, the current owner, are responsible for contacting EHS office. The EHS office can assist you with proper disposal of “orphaned” controlled substances. Please contact EHS at 5-8501 (or Bill Murray at 335-4624) for further information.

How do I dispose of an orphaned controlled substance?

Please refer to the responses to the previous questions. If your laboratory discovers a controlled substance and the registrant is not known to you or your department, please contact EHS at 335-8501 (or Bill Murray at 335-4624) for proper disposal of abandoned/orphaned controlled substances.  Indicate you discovered an orphaned controlled substance in your laboratory that needs to be properly disposed of.

Is there a preferred disposal method available to dispose of orphan controlled substances?

If found in research labs, please contact EHS at 335-8501 (or Bill Murray at 335-4624) for help with disposal procedures that have been approved by the DEA.

I understand that at some institutions in other states, the EHS Office was given permission to accept controlled substances and blend them with hazardous waste solvents to be shipped for incineration. Is it acceptable at UI? 

As of April 2013, EHS has been approved by the DEA to dispose of controlled substances through the application of an approved procedure. Licensed researchers who want to dispose of controlled substances that are mixed with hazardous chemical waste must consult with EHS to ensure compliance with RCRA regulations.

Each licensed researcher is ultimately responsible to ensure controlled substances are properly disposed of and all necessary disposal forms are completed and submitted to the appropriate agency. To dispose of outdated, damaged, or otherwise unusable or unwanted controlled substances, contact EHS at 335-8501 (or Bill Murray at 335-4624).