The University of Iowa

Chemical Standard Operating Procedures

EHS is creating hazardous material standard operating procedures (SOPs) to be used as guidelines for the use of specific chemicals and chemical families. These guidelines include recommended personal protective equipment (PPE), storage, labeling, disposal practices, spill clean-up, first aid/emergency response and handling practices in a laboratory setting. Not all these guideline criteria apply to all SOPs.

Currently available SOPs are listed below.
(These documents are located on the University’s SharePoint site and are accessible by the UI community; help information for accessing these documents can be found here.)

A section for laboratory specific requirements is available.  Chemical users should add any safety procedures that are needed for laboratory specific use of these chemicals.  Edits, additions, or changes to these SOPs may be used following consultation with Rick Byrum, Chemical Hygiene Officer.

Additional SOPs are planned. Suggestions of specific chemicals or chemical families are welcome; please send comments or suggestions to Rick Byrum.