C. Home Page

From the eIBC home page, you can:

  • Start a new rDNA protocol (See Section E).
  • Perform a search of existing rDNA Registration Documents (rDNARD) for which you have access
  • Access the Protocol Summary Page of existing rDNARD by clicking on the blue rDNA protocol number from the list of rDNA protocols at the bottom of the page. From the Protocol Summary page you can:
    • View/Print an existing rDNA protocol
    • Copy an existing rDNA protocol to create a new rDNA protocol
    • Renew an existing rDNA protocol and submit it for IBC review
    • Edit an in-progress (draft) rDNA protocol and/or submit for IBC review
    • Submit an Amendment to an existing rDNA protocol
    • Review the status of an rDNA protocol undergoing IBC review
  • Utilize the Toolbar at the top of the page to:
    • Access the Help page, which includes documents for navigation assistance
    • Access the eIBC User Guide
    • View contact information for Biosafety Staff.
    • View/Manage Personnel Authorizations for access to your rDNA protocol(s)