The University of Iowa

Biosafety Cabinet Contract Update

The University of Iowa has executed a contract with EOC1, LLC for biosafety cabinet services, effective January 21, 2021 through December 31, 2021. All BSC service appointments should be scheduled with the UI contracted vendor, EOC1, LLC.

EOC1 will initially focus on certifying BSCs that are overdue or due in January. Once they have the backlog caught up, they will proactively reach out to individuals with a quote and request to schedule work.

The process for BSC certification is as follows:

  1. EOC1 provides a quote to the BSC custodian prior to the due date.
  2. BSC custodian approves work and provides PO.
  3. EOC1 schedules work.
  4. EOC1 performs work.
  5. EOC1 invoices for work performed.

The process for BSC maintenance and repair is as follows:

  1. BSC custodian contacts EOC1 to schedule maintenance or repair.
  2. EOC1 provides quote to BSC custodian.
  3. BSC custodian approves work and provides PO.
  4. EOC1 schedules work.
  5. EOC1 performs work.
  6. EOC1 invoices for work performed.

Labs will need to contact EOC1 directly if a BSC needs repair or decontamination, is moved*, or if they have new custodian/contact information, etc. 
     *Per IBC policy, BSCs must be decontaminated before they are moved.

To contact EOC1 to schedule an appointment please contact Gregg Froebe at:

To contact EHS regarding BSC matters: