B. Requirements for Working with Select Agents and (Non-exempt) Toxins

Principal Investigators will ensure the requirements listed under Section V.B. “A Principal Investigator Working with Select Agents or (Non-Exempt) Toxins is Responsible for” are completed and that their staff understands any and all additional responsibilities required with Select Agent and Toxin use.

Initial training must be completed in order to receive access to Select Agents and Toxins and all required annual training must be kept current.

Select Agents and Toxin inventories must be updated at any time work with these agents is carried out. All inventories must be reconciled by the PI and/or their staff. The RO will be provided a copy of quarterly inventories.

PIs and their staff must ensure no viable select agent is removed from the registered lab space (shipping an agent to another facility is the only exception, see Section E. Outside University Select Agent Transfers). In order to remove any material (DNA, RNA, protein, fixed organisms) from the facility, PIs must first provide evidence that their procedure renders the organism/material non-infectious. This data must be provided to the appropriate oversight committee and included in the standard operating procedures.