B. Principal Investigator Working with Select Agents or (Non-Exempt) Toxins

 A Principal Investigator Working with Select Agents or (Non-Exempt) Toxins  is responsible for:

  • Contacting Haley Sinn, RO, and arranging to obtain CDC/FBI approval prior to any work with Select Agents or Toxins.
  • Receiving prior approval from the RO and, the Federal Government for all transfers of select agents or toxins into or out of the facility.
  • Adhering to proper procedures outlined in all applicable safety and security manuals. 
  • Maintaining a list of select agent approved staff.
  • Apprising staff of the hazards associated with the select agent or toxin and ensuring staff are properly trained prior to working with the agent, including:
  1. Laboratory specific training.
  2. EHS general training (e.g., Bloodborne Pathogens, Basic Biosafety, Lab Chemical), if appropriate.
  3. Animal Care and Use training, if appropriate.
  • Preparing written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for select agent or toxin research procedures and ensuring no research is conducted that is not outlined in the SOP.
  • Apprising the RO and any applicable committees of all changes in the research proposal, including:
  1. Use of recombinant DNA or synthetic nucleic acids or recombinant organisms.
  2. Changes in the select agent or toxin.
  3. Changes in staff.
  4. Use of animals.
  • Maintaining a current inventory.