9.8 Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets

When purchasing flammable liquid storage cabinets the following specifications must be met:

  1. Cabinets must comply with NFPA and IOSH Standards.
  2. Cabinets must have self-closing door(s), with red lettering stating "Flammable Keep Fire Away".
  3. Two doors are required on all cabinets except 10 and 20-gallon sizes where one door is required. Where two doors are required, they may be either bifolding or hinged on each side.
  4. Cabinets must be of approved metal construction and meet minimum construction requirements:
    1. Bottom, top, sides and door(s) of cabinet shall be at least No.18-gauge sheet metal and double walled 1 1/2-inch air space.
    2. Joints must be riveted, welded or made liquid tight by some equally effective means.
  5. Door must be provided with three-point latch arrangement and the doorsill shall be raised at least two inches above bottom of the cabinet to retain spilled liquid within the cabinet.