9.7 Electrical Extension Cords

The National Electrical Code and the State Fire Marshal's Office prohibit use of extension cords as a substitute for permanent wiring. Multiple plug outlet adapters are also prohibited. If additional electrical outlets are needed in a work area, one of two possible solutions could be used to rectify the problem.

  1. The department can pay FM to install additional outlets.
  2. The department can complete a "Building Repairs Request" form and forward it to Facilities Planning. This option is contingent upon availability of funding.

The only exception granted is that the State Fire Marshal's Office will allow the University to use electrical power strips for personal computers and their components only in older and existing building operations. Remodeling and new construction must provide additional outlets for computers. These UL listed power strips come with a cord and an outlet box that has a 15-amp circuit breaker. These units should be purchased at General Stores.