9.3 Radiation Surveys

Radiation surveys for contamination and ambient exposure rates are required by regulation at specified intervals in areas where radiopharmaceuticals are routinely used, stored, prepared or administered.

Survey methods must be capable of detecting the type(s) of radioactive material in use and in storage.  It is prudent practice to perform surveys after each use or before leaving an area posted for radioactive materials work.  Decontaminate items and equipment promptly.  EHS audits survey records and the effectiveness of user contamination and exposure control on a periodic basis.

If necessary, contact EHS for assistance in decontamination of equipment or work areas.

Area Contamination Action Levels

Unrestricted Area

  • Action Required:  ≥200 dpm/100 cm2 for radioiodine
  • Action Required:  ≥2,000 dpm/100 cm2 for all other radionuclides

Restricted Area

  • Action Required:  ≥2,000 dpm/100 cm2 for all radionuclides