9.0 Purchasing Controlled Substances

Purchases of controlled substances must follow the DEA rules and regulations:  Orders for Schedule I and II controlled substances must be accompanied by DEA Form 222. These forms are available only through DEA. See http://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/faq/dea222.htm. Upon completion of Form 222, the licensed researcher should submit copies 1 and 2 to the supplier and retain copy 3.  

Note: Utmost care must be taken when filling out the Official Order Form 222. A Form 222 that shows any alteration, erasures or changes in description will be rejected (CFR 1305.15). The Licensed researcher must void any forms with corrections and keep them on file together with all DEA Form 222 records. All DEA Forms 222 must be accounted for; therefore, voided DEA forms must not be discarded.

Form 222 must not be used to purchase III-V Scheduled substances. An example of a properly completed DEA Form 222 can be viewed on the University of Michigan EHS website.

A Power of Attorney (POA) is needed when someone other than the registrant will sign an official order form.  

  • Registrants may authorize one of more individuals to obtain and execute a DEA Form 222 through the use of a POA.  An example of a POA form is shown in Appendix B6.  The POA must be signed by the individual who signed the most recent application (or renewal) for registration as well as the individual being authorized to obtain and execute a DEA Form 222.
  • The POA may be revoked at any time by the person who granted and signed the POA. 
  • The POA should be filed with the executed DEA Form 222 as a readily retrievable record and is not submitted to the DEA.

A list of distributors can be downloaded from the DEA website. The list below is provided for planning purposes only.