8.2 Routine Safety Practices in Labs

  1. Post entrances with emergency contact information.
  2. Be aware of the location and proper operation of laboratory safety equipment.
  3. Dress appropriately in the lab. Apparel should include full foot coverings and clothing that covers the skin. Perforated shoes and sandals should not be worn in laboratories. Loose, skimpy or torn clothing should not be worn in laboratories.
  4. Wear lab coats and gloves in lab areas only, not in public areas.
  5. Do not eat, drink, or apply cosmetics in chemical use areas. Smoking is not allowed in University buildings.
  6. Ice, glassware, utensils, ovens, refrigerators, and other equipment used for lab operations should not be used for storage, handling or consumption of food and beverages.
  7. Wash hands before using the restrooms and before eating or smoking.
  8. Keep access route to exits, emergency equipment and utility controls open and unblocked.
  9. Keep lab areas clean and uncluttered to help prevent unnecessary contact or personal injury from breakage and spillage of chemicals.
  10. Keep lab doors closed for fire safety and to maintain proper room air pressures.
  11. Visitors to the lab are to be escorted by an employee and are the responsibility of that employee.