8.0 The ALARA Program

The maximum permissible occupational dose limits established by regulation are based on limiting individual radiation dose to what is considered to be an acceptable level of occupational risk.  However, it is assumed that any radiation exposure may carry some risk.  Therefore, regulation also requires that the University provide a program designed to reduce exposures As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) to the extent practical by utilizing procedural and engineering controls.

The University’s ALARA Program provides a process for the Radiation Safety Committee and the Radiation Safety Officer to investigate any occurrences where occupational exposures exceed established program action levels.  Additionally, EHS provides instruction on implementing ALARA practices to minimize radiation exposure.

Action Levels.  The University has established the following investigational levels for occupational exposure to radiation.​

Action Level I.

In addition to contacting the exposed individuals and their supervisor, EHS requires the completion of a questionnaire regarding the possible cause(s) of an exposure in this category.

Action Level II.

In addition to operational and Level I actions, EHS requires a meeting with the staff member and supervisor in its investigation of an exposure in this category.