7.4 Nuclear Medicine Shipments

Radioactive materials shipments for the Nuclear Medicine Department are addressed to:  

The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Nuclear Medicine Department (3835 JPP)
200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City, Iowa  52252-1009

Such shipments must be delivered by the carrier directly to 3835 JPP.  If delivery is made during other than regular work hours, the carrier will contact UIHC Safety & Security.  Safety & Security will:

  • Log in the call requesting that the Nuclear Medicine Department be opened for delivery of package(s) containing radioactive material.
  • Arrange to have a security officer proceed to the Nuclear Medicine Department and open the single entrance door.
  • The security officer signs for the receipt of the package(s) assuring that the stated number of packages are in fact delivered and have no apparent damage.  Observe the carrier as they deposit the package(s) in 3835 JPP.
  • Lock 3835 JPP upon completion of the delivery.
  • If any problem is encountered, EHS should be notified immediately.

Nuclear Medicine personnel receiving the package are required to follow the package opening procedures outlined in section 7.3.