7.3 Medical Services

Medical services may consist of a medical consultation, examination, or emergency services. Pre-exposure (baseline) assessment is available upon departmental request at the University Employee Health Clinic. There is no cost to the employee for these services and employees may be medically monitored on an annual basis.

When assessment results indicate that an employee may have been exposed to a hazardous chemical, the employee should obtain a medical consultation from the UI HealthWorks in North Liberty (319-356-3335 or 800-327-5605). Consultations and examinations must be under the direct supervision of a licensed physician. The employing lab or department must inform the physician of the identity of the chemical, the conditions of the exposure, and the employee's symptoms. A written opinion must be obtained from the physician. It must be maintained as a part of the employee's record and made readily available to the employee and upon request to his/her designated representative. The written opinion must not reveal findings unrelated to occupational exposure.

The written opinion must include:

  1. Follow-up recommendations.
  2. Exam and test results.
  3. Any medical condition found as a result of the exam that may place the employee at an increased risk as a result of hazardous chemical exposure.
  4. A statement that the employee has been informed by the physician of the results of the consultation.

Additional information about seeking treatment for work related injuries is presented in section 13.1 Basic Steps for Emergencies, Major Spill, and Other Problems.