7.0 Personal Protective Equipment

Portable safety shield in work locations

If stored and used within a chemical fume hood, the use of a portable process safety shield in front of corrosive and highly reactive gas cylinders and lecture bottles can help protect researchers against a potential explosion, splashing, or a highly exothermic reaction.

Eye Protection

OSHA requires safety glasses be worn underneath a full-face shield.

Wear safety glasses with side shields or face shield when transporting compressed gas cylinders. A full-face shield should always be used if a potential splashing hazard is present (e.g. bubbling or head space purging of reaction flasks with inert gases, etc.). Wear safety glasses and a face shield when working with regulators, gas tubes and Schlenk lines. Wear face shield and chemical resistant safety goggles when dispensing refrigerated liquefied gases from a cylinder or liquid Dewar.

Lab coat/Coverall/Shoes

A lab coat, closed-toed shoes and long pants (NO SHORTS) should be worn when handling compressed gas cylinders. Sturdy shoes are a minimum when moving or transporting cylinders.

Hand Protection

Wear chemically resistant gloves suitable for the gas being handled. Wear appropriate insulated thermal gloves to protect against extreme cold when handling cryogenic containers. Use long loose thermal gloves while handling or pouring cryogenic liquids.