6.5 Responsibilities of the Authorized User

Authorized users are ultimately responsible for the safe use of radioactive materials or radiation-producing machines under their control.  This includes responsibility for ensuring that:

  • Personnel receive applicable radiation safety training as required and adhere to radiation safety policies and regulations.
  • An auditable record of radioactive material in their possession is maintained from the time of acquisition through use, storage, and final disposition as radioactive waste or transfer to another approved individual.  Inventory records are required to be maintained for three years and available for inspection.
  • Radiation surveys of use and storage areas are performed and documented as required by regulation.
  • EHS is notified of spills involving radioactive materials.
  • EHS is notified immediately of missing sources of radioactive materials and incidents of personnel contamination.
  • EHS is notified immediately in the event of a known or suspected problem with an administration of radioactive materials or radiation.  Refer to Chapters 9 and 10 of this manual for definitions of these events.