6.4 Disposal of lead and lead containing material

  1. A leach test (TCLP) must be performed by the Hygienic Lab to determine if the material maybe disposed of as general waste or special waste.  Contact the Hygienic Lab (335-4500) for correct sample collection procedures for TCLP samples. Generally at least 5 ounces of material is needed to perform the test, but parameters may vary with the matrix. 
  2. A container up to a drum in size will be used to collect any small amounts of lead containing solid material for disposal of lead paint chips or other small amounts of lead containing solid material.  In this manner, only one TCLP test needs to be conducted prior to the disposal of the waste since TCLP tests are expensive.
  3. Contact EHS (335-8501) for assistance in determining the method of waste disposal of the lead waste.