6.0 Registration

Each researcher (PI) who intends to use DEA controlled substances in her/his research must obtain and maintain a concurrent registration with DEA and IBPE. Registration certificates must be obtained prior to the purchase of controlled substances. A DEA registration certificate allows the licensed researcher to use controlled substances as specified in the DEA issued certificate. The registration and licenses must be displayed in a prominent location where the controlled substances are stored and these documents must be readily available for inspection by DEA or IBPE.

State of Iowa Registration: The Iowa initial registration and renewal forms can be downloaded as a pdf file at the IBPE website.  The State of Iowa requires that a renewal registration is completed biennially.  

  • Note for new applicants using Iowa's registration form: respond to question 6 (Federal DEA#) as "pending", unless you already have a DEA registration number from another state; answer question 7 (Iowa Professional License#) to state "N/A", unless you have license, e.g. Pharmacist.
  • Although the IBPE form does not state that you need to include a copy of your protocol that describes how you intend to use the controlled substance, you will avoid further delays by sending the protocol with your application and check.

The State of Iowa controlled substance registration is required prior to application for a DEA permit.  You should anticipate that it may take several weeks for the State of Iowa application to be processed.  Once the Iowa license is acquired, the DEA registration process can be initiated. 

DEA Registration: the registration application for DEA must be completed online. The online application also allows the applicant to obtain an electronic receipt of the application as soon as it is complete. Researchers and analytical laboratories must complete DEA Form 225. Departments or units with instructional activities or practitioners must complete DEA Form 224.

Information concerning the DEA registration process can be obtained from the DEA field office, by contacting the Registration Call Center at 1-800-882-9539, or online at: http://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/drugreg/process.htm.  The DEA Call Center is staffed from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., EST. During non-business hours, information is available through an automated Call Center Menu.

  • When completing the online application, please note the following:
    • On the second screen, UI Researchers are fee exempt.
    • On the third screen you are asked to provide information regarding the 'certifying official'.  That individual at the University of Iowa is Susan Klatt, University Secretary.  Her phone no. is 319-335-3552.  Email: susan-klatt@uiowa.edu

Requirements for handling controlled substances, per CSA, are summarized below.

DEA Order Form-222 (All requests for official order forms (DEA Form 222) can be made by registrants who are registered in Schedule I and/or II)

Theft or Loss of Controlled Substances - DEA Form 106  (Only those persons registered with DEA to handle controlled substances may utilize this form)

Theft or Loss of Controlled Substances - IBPE Form 106

 Schedule I & IISchedule III & IVSchedule V
OrderingLicensed ResearcherLicensed ResearcherLicensed Researcher
Purchasing and Receiving Records
(Example forms in Appendix B)
Order Forms
(DEA Form-222)

Sign and Date

Sign and Date
Daily UseSpiral or Bound Logbooks is RecommendedSpiral or Bound Logbooks is RecommendedSpiral or Bound Logbooks is Recommended
Distribution Between RegistrantsOrder Forms
(DEA Form-222)
InventoryInitially; and updated every 2 yearsInitially; and updated every 2 yearsInitially; and updated every 2 years
SecurityLocked Drawer/Cabinet or SafeLocked Drawer/Cabinet or safeLocked Drawer/Cabinet or safe
Theft or Significant LossReport and Complete the DEA Form 106 and Iowa Form 106.Report and complete DEA Form 106 and Iowa Form 106Report and Complete DEA Form 106 and Iowa Form 106
DisposalBy EHSBy EHSBy EHS
Disposal RecordsAt least 2 years after disposalAt least 2 years after disposalAt least 2 years after disposa