6.0 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Principal investigators and lab managers should ensure proper PPE is available for their staff and students.

  • When working with HF, safety glasses with side shields are not adequate.

  • When handling large quantities of HF or working with HF baths, thick Nitrile (14 mil or thicker) or full length rubber sleeves, butyl rubber apron, face shield, and chemical splash goggles should be worn.

The recommended PPE for working with HF includes face shield and chemical splash goggles to protect against chemical splash, acid resistant Neoprene or Viton outer gloves and inner double Nitrile gloves, full sleeve lab coat, chemical resistant apron, and long pants.

  • At a minimum, double Nitrile gloves (4 mil thick) or butyl rubber gloves are strongly recommended when working with small quantities of HF.
  • Silver shield gloves with inner double Nitrile gloves can be used for spill cleanup work.
  • If dexterity of silver shield gloves impacts the handling of HF, review chemical resistance charts for other glove options.
  • Neoprene gloves have good dexterity. Ansell Brand Dermashield gloves are rated to have good dexterity and suitable for clean room operations.
  • Butyl rubber aprons suitable for HF work should be used for HF work with concentrations at or above 1 M acid strength (i.e., ca. at or above 2% HF), or processes having a splash/splatter potential. Rubber aprons may be purchased from Fisher Scientific or Grainger.