5.6.1 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

This manual serves as a generic SOP relevant to safety and health concerns with work involving biohazardous agents.  Area-specific operations should be included by the department, PI or supervisor.  The SOP is intended to provide employees with the necessary guidelines for conducting work in a safe and consistent manner. 

The types and quantity (as in large scale quantities) of organisms and the operations performed all define at which biosafety level the lab must function.  Each level has certain recommended criteria in the areas of standard microbiological practices, special practices, safety equipment and laboratory facilities.    

Standard operating procedures should include the following provisions:

  • use of containment devices such as biological safety cabinets or glove boxes;
  • PPE requirements;
  • procedures for proper disposal of contaminated waste;
  • decontamination procedures; and
  • spill procedures.