5.2 Contamination and Exposure Control

Individuals using radioactive materials are responsible for conducting and documenting radiation surveys of their radioactive materials use and storage areas.  User survey methods must be capable of detecting the type(s) of radioactive material in use or in storage, at a frequency to control contamination and maintain radiation exposures ALARA. It is prudent practice to perform surveys after each use or before leaving an area posted for radioactive materials work.  EHS audits the effectiveness of user contamination and exposure control measures on a periodic basis and may require that survey frequency be increased if evidence of contamination is found.

Check common use items and areas such as bench tops, water baths, centrifuges, telephones, handles, doorknobs, control knobs, floors in labs and entryways to adjacent clean areas.  Monitor hands, lab coats and soles of shoes frequently.  Clean up contamination immediately to prevent or minimize its spread.  If necessary, contact EHS for assistance in decontamination of equipment or work areas.

A survey/inventory form may be found at the EHS website

Area Contamination Action Levels

  • Recommended Action Level:  ≥200 dpm/100 cm2
  • Action Required:  ≥2,000 dpm/100 cm2