4.6 Preparing for Pickup

Properly packaged and labeled waste will be removed by Custodians. Place containers in the locally designated area for removal.

In order to comply with Dept. of Transportation shipping regulations the laboratory or staff that generates the biohazardous waste must prepare their waste for disposal as follows:

  • All biohazardous waste, including white biohazard boxes and sharps containers, must be placed in a red plastic biowaste tub lined with red bag.
  • To avoid puncturing the red bag tub liner, do not overfill tub. 
  • Tie the red bag liner closed using a single “gooseneck” knot (do not use tape or zip ties). 
  • Attach a fully completed Biohazardous Waste Certification label sticker to the side of the biowaste tub. 
  • Custodians will not remove biowaste tubs unless a completed Biohazardous Waste Certification label is attached to the tub.

A copy of Biohazardous Waste Generator Procedures is attached which details the required steps for preparing biohazardous waste tubs for disposal. Please share this information with other staff members in your area. If you have any questions please call Jim Pyrz at 335-4625.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Do I Obtain Biohazard Waste Certification Labels?

  • Labels may be obtained at select departmental offices.
  • Labels may be obtained at Biochem Stores.
  • Labels may be found at locations on dock areas where red tubs are stored.
  • Labels may always be obtained by calling EHS at 335-8501 and requesting them.

Where Do I Obtain Red Plastic Biowaste Tubs?

  • Red plastic biowaste tubs are kept in the dock areas of BSB, MEB, BB, Pharmacy, DSB and Chemistry. Large red bags to line the tubs are also available at those locations and must be used for that purpose.  For other locations, contact EHS at 335-8501.
  • Laboratory staff are responsible for obtaining the above containers, as needed.

Where Do Filled Biowaste Tubs Go? Who Handles Them?

  • Laboratory staff should place properly filled/tied/labeled biowaste tubs in the same location as in the past.
  • Custodians will transfer the filled tubs displaying a completed Biohazardous Waste Certification label to an area for removal.

What Are the Container Labeling Requirements?

  • Laboratory staff must place all biohazardous waste materials in red plastic biowaste tubs, i.e., red bag, biowaste box, sharps container.
  • Laboratory staff must complete and attach the Biohazardous Waste Certification label to the side of the biowaste tub, near the handle.
  • Custodians will place a bar code on the tubs to identify the building.