4.1 On-campus Transfers

Radioactive materials transfers are only permitted between authorized investigators.  Transfer recipients must be approved for the radionuclide, chemical form and quantity of radioactive material they wish to receive.

For each transfer, obtain a “Transfer of Radioactive Materials” form from EHS (335-9550), or at the EHS website.  This form serves to document the exchange of inventory between the two applications.  Forward a copy of the completed transfer form to EHS. The radioactive material must be transported on foot in an unbreakable, secondary container to ensure that the radioactive material cannot be spilled if the container is dropped or bumped.  For identification purposes, place a radioactive material warning label on the secondary container.  Never leave the material you are transferring unattended.  Radioactive material cannot be transferred in a motor vehicle or on public transportation unless specifically authorized by EHS to ensure that it meets all applicable Department of Transportation Regulations.

Contact EHS at 353-5389 if radioactive material must be transferred other than by foot.  Transport of radioactive material on public roads and highways must comply with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. EHS requests at least 24 hours notice prior to the date you need the material transported.