3.6 Requirements for Waste Pickup

Radioactive waste will not be collected until you have performed the following:

  • Checked the outer surface of the waste container for contamination.
  • Completed a radioactive waste tag for each container or sealed source.
  • Sealed all containers appropriately.
  • Completed an online radioactive waste pickup request.

Check for Contamination

  • Perform a wipe test of the entire surface of the external container.
  • Count the wipe in a scintillation counter or gamma counter.
  • If the result is >22 dpm/cm2, decontaminate, re-wipe and count.
  • If the result is <22 dpm/cm2 check the “yes” box found on the radioactive waste tag.

Completing a Radioactive Waste Tag

  • EHS provides tags for identifying the contents of radioactive waste. You will need to know the identity of all radionuclides and their activity in order to complete the waste tag.
  • Dry waste activities are estimated by the user and may be based on the general rule that about 10-20% of the activity used in an experiment ends up as solid waste.
  • Liquid waste activities should be determined by counting a sample of the waste in a scintillation counter or gamma counter.

The waste tag must be completed in full and in pencil.

It is only necessary to complete the back of the radioactive waste tag if the waste is a liquid.

  • Identify each chemical component and its percentage – this must equal 100%.
  • Do not abbreviate chemical names.
  • Indicate pH if waste is aqueous.
  • If waste is a liquid scintillation cocktail – identify the brand name.

Radioactive Waste Pickup Request 

The waste generator must request a waste pickup from EHS. Waste pickup requests are now taken online. Visit the EHS Web site to complete an online radioactive waste pickup request. 

What if Your Waste is Not Removed?

If EHS cannot complete a pickup, a note (see below) will be left explaining the reasons. Deficiencies should be corrected and another pickup scheduled.