3.5 Building Floor Plans – Evacuation Routes and Assembly Areas

  • Each BET needs to map out evacuation routes and assembly areas on the building floor plans. EHS will provide a set of floor plans for each building for this use.
  • At a minimum evacuation route maps should be given to occupants in areas where a hazardous materials spill is likely to occur. Evacuation route maps should indicate areas marked as containing significant quantities of hazardous materials.
  • Assembly area(s) should be upwind and uphill of the spill. If it is determined that more than one gathering area per building is needed, a separate member of the BET should be in charge of each area. (Include the BET members’ names and cell phone/pager numbers on the map that each individual is responsible for.)
  • Contact Bruce McAvoy, Fire Safety Coordinator in University Public Safety for guidance on preparing evacuation routes and reviewing evacuation plans,