3.4 Generator Responsibilities

General Requirements

The radioactivity in radioactive waste is licensed material, and as such, remains subject to all regulatory requirements.  The following guidelines should be observed:

  • Keep volumes small; do not let radioactive waste accumulate.
  • Place only radioactive waste in radioactive waste containers. Mixing non-radioactive and radioactive waste creates unnecessary hazards and significantly increases disposal cost.
  • Label all radioactive waste containers.
  • Do not leave radioactive waste in unattended areas. All radioactive wastes must be secured from unauthorized removal.
  • Radioactive waste containing biological, pathogenic, or infectious material must be treated to the maximum extent practicable to reduce potential hazards (disinfect with biocide).
  • Keep a record of isotope and activity each time waste is placed in waste containers. This will facilitate completing the radioactive waste tag.
  • Obtain training – training programs are available through the EHS Web site.


Collect radioactive waste in the proper containers. Obtain dry waste, LSC vial, and liquid waste containers from EHS. There is no charge for containers supplied by EHS. Sharps containers may be obtained from Biochem Stores and General Stores.

  • Keep radioactive waste containers closed unless adding items or materials.
  • Radioactive waste must be stored securely at all times to prevent unauthorized removal.


Each time you place radioactive waste in its container, enter the radionuclide and activity (in uCi) on the radioactive waste tag provided by EHS. Keep the waste tag attached to the container at all times.