3.3 Package Opening and Survey Requirements

Prior to delivery of the package, EHS verifies that the outer surface of the shipment is free of contamination.  However, the user should assume that the internal surfaces of the package (packaging material and source vial) may be contaminated and handled accordingly until proven otherwise by the user’s own survey. The principal investigator is ultimately responsible for the accountability of the radioactive material he or she orders.

  • Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) should be utilized when opening incoming radioactive materials shipments.
  • Packages containing radioactive sodium iodide or other volatile radionuclide compounds (such as S-35 methionine) should be opened in an operating fume hood.
  • Open the outer package and remove the packing slip and confirm that the material received is the material ordered.
  • Check the integrity of the final source container.
  • Perform a wipe test of the external surface of the final source container to verify it is free of contamination.
  • Add the shipment to the PI’s inventory record.

Survey the packing material to ensure that it is free of contamination and obliterate all radiation warning labels before discarding as normal trash.