3.3 Laboratory Audit

PIs will annually receive a notice that an audit will be conducted by EHS staff.  It is the responsibility of the PI or the lab manager to complete the audit form available online, ensure compliance of regulations, and certify training of all personnel.  The audit is intended to facilitate the integration of the Biological and Chemical Safety programs at the departmental level and improve compliance status in labs.  EHS staff will visit each lab to review the audit form and discuss any questions or concerns with the PI/lab manager.  A walk through of the lab will be completed to review chemical/hazardous waste storage, biosafety cabinet and fume hood certifications, biohazard sign postings, toxin inventories, training records and other various biosafety compliance issues.  EHS audit staff helps to educate and guide laboratory personnel in the evolving regulations and guidelines established by regulatory boards, prudent work practices and University requirements.