3.3 EHS Responsibilities


EHS supplies the following waste container types:
  • Dry waste (>90 day half-life)
  • Dry waste (<90 day half-life)
  • Liquid bottles (1-1/2 gallon)
  • LSC Vials
  • Bags

Waste Collection

Radioactive waste is collected in the area where it is generated.

Waste Transportation

Radioactive waste is transported by EHS on a specially designed truck. Waste is inventoried as it is collected and manifested for transportation to storage facilities on the UI Research Campus.

Waste Management and Record Keeping

Each waste item collected by EHS is assigned a serial number, tagged, and tracked in a database. This allows EHS to follow the course of each item through collection, storage, management, and disposal. Waste management methods depend on the waste type and length of the half-life of the radioisotope. Records required by IDPH and EPA are maintained by EHS.