3.2 Employee Rights and Responsibilities

The University is responsible for providing a safe and healthful work environment. Biological Safety will be enforced by the IOSH (Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Administration) under the General Duty Clause, referencing existing standards that include recommendations from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and NIH (National Institutes of Health), for example.

In a biosafety program, employees should be informed of their rights and responsibilities by including statements, such as:

Employees have the right to be:

  • Informed of the health hazards of biological agents in their work areas.
  • Properly trained to work safely with these agents.
  • Vaccinated with CDC recommended vaccinations, as appropriate, if potentially exposed to certain biohazardous agents (e.g., vaccinia and hepatitis B).

Employees have the responsibility to:

  • Attend training programs concerning biological safety.
  • Stay informed about biohazardous agents in their work areas.
  • Use work practices and protective equipment required for safe performance of their job.
  • Plan and conduct each operation in accordance with recognized biological safety procedures.
  • Inform their supervisors of accidents, conditions or work practices they believe to be a hazard to their health or to the health of others.