2.2 Major Spills

2.2.1 Definition – Major Spill Criteria

  • Constitutes an emergency situation.
  • Spreads rapidly.
  • Endangers people or involves serious personnel injury.
  • Endangers or is entering the environment.
  • Presents an inhalation hazard.
  • Fire hazard.
  • Personnel in area cannot safely manage the spill.

2.2.2 Major Spill Response Procedure

  • Evaluate spill to ensure it meets the definition of a major spill and is not spreading or reacting with other materials, increasing the nature of the hazard.
  • Dial 911 to report the major spill. If necessary, communicate need for medical assistance.
  • Notify appropriate co-workers, the BET and other potentially affected building occupants.
  • Assess extent of evacuation, and respond appropriately. The BET primary contact may need to implement the evacuation plan in section 2.3.
  • The primary contact, with the Go-Kit, exits the building and awaits the arrival of emergency responders.
  • Gather spill information and provide to the BET.
  • See section 2.4 to determine if University notification and reporting should be done.

2.2.3 Major Orphan Spill Response Procedure

Manage spill as major spill response.